A whole new Rust experience awaits you. New maps with unique monuments as well as numerous plugins that provide you with permanent variety.

Learn how to use Gamico step-by-step or get help with a specific feature. We have game-making tutorials for beginners and the wiki has complete documentation for the app.

Our customised server systems

Blueprint System

Our Techtree workbench is deactivated. You can only learn found items at a research table. But there is also the possibility to get blueprints from bosses, events, crates in heavy monuments or by doing quests.

Skilltree System

Improve your survival on our custom maps by improving your skills. Whether it's more damage to npcs, cold resistance, more ore & wood yield or life steal with every shot. You can decide for yourself how you want to improve.

Quest System

With us you can complete over 60 quests to get special rewards such as EXP for the skill tree, EXP for our battle pass or dollars for our in-game shop to buy great things like your own generator or recycler for your base.

NPC Random Raids

A 2x2 base is not enough for us. Here you also have to build a large base because our Npcs can't be killed easily. A raid can take place from 250 Npc kills. A developed base and turrets are important so pay attention!

Bank Heist

Do you need scrap? Then make a bank heist and get lots of scrap. The only thing you need is explosives and good equipment because the npcs in the bank don't want to give you their scrap just like that.

Zombie Hordes

You will reach your limits on our servers. PvE is easy, isn't it? Oh no, every step won't be your last! A zombie horde can be waiting for you at every corner or monuments marked in red are more deadly than real players.

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The story and development behind Ventox

Two young gamers on numerous servers and yet none that we enjoyed. We wanted a server with a challenge and not a server where you were raided after 1-2 days and had to move on to the next server.

Our thought was that it can’t be just the two of us to have a server without thinking, will my base still be there tomorrow?

So we sat down and developed a concept that should appeal to every player who had exactly the same problems with the server search.

We want to offer every kind of player a place to get away from the everyday frustration and just relax and play at their own pace. No matter if you only have 1 hour or more, here you can decide your own journey and have enough challenge so that it doesn’t get boring quickly.

Would you like to find out more about us? Then take a look at our Discord and get all the important information about us and the Ventox server